typing course advantages

The advantage of – free program for learning touch typing online – is foremost a unique algorithm that supports progress in writing without looking .

This eliminates the need to rewrite over and over thoughtlessly “asdf jkl”, etc. – this way it is very difficult to remember the location of the various letters. In addition, there is no need to switch between lessons and decide when to add another letter. automatically adds another letter based of analysis of your progress, so you can focus just on typing.

Unlike other applications we don’t show a huge amount of statistics that make it difficult to get to the most important ones. The aim is to learn touch typing, or improve the speed of typing on a keyboard – to achieve this you do not need to analyze yourself the very detailed statistics – does it for you. The same applies to the typing school – training in the group.

Besides you write words that actually occur in a given language, so you automatically learn sequences that frequently occur in this language. The selection of both letters and words starts from the most popular ones – mastering their first will improve your overall skills faster.

In addition, our program is free and available online – if you are logged in, all the manual or automatic configuration changes are saved and you can access them from any computer connected to the internet – you can learn from home, school, work, etc.