Touch typing school online offers touch typing course for companies, schools and universities. Such touch typing school online is very cheap, convenient and above all effective alternative to other typing courses available on the market.

High efficiency is achieved thanks to the algorithm that supports the learning progress and thanks to the competition element introduced to the learning process, which further motivates the students.

When designing our touch typing school we paid special attention to the simplicity of the solution to make sure its use would be very intuitive both for the administrator and the trainees. Participants join the training group using the link received from the administrator. He sees the results achieved by the participants and he can change the configuration of the group in a very simple way.

The course is held in a fixed language chosen at the beginning by the administrator. A common practice is to learn touch typing in a foreign language – such solution is used by the companies that employ the non-native English speakers. Note that during the course the typing language can’t be changed.