Test your keyboard typing speed

Testing the typing speed with TouchTyping.guru means rewriting the text generated online for the selected language. By default, there are always words generated that contain the letters you have written incorrectly, so if you only want to check your typing speed disable this option in the configuration available over the text. If you are logged in the settings will be saved and applied to all the speed tests you will write then.

By default, typing speed test takes one minute, this time you can also increase in the configuration. The longer you keep typing on a computer, the harder it is to maintain the highest speed and accuracy.

Note that our keyboard typing test allows you to commit one error without the avalanche of the consecutive errors. This is especially important when you type really fast – if you make a mistake you notice it after writing a few more letters. Then our typing speed test will count only one mistake. This is logical, because if you lost one letter along the way you’ve committed only one error in fact, the rest of the letters were written correctly.

When the speed test is finished check out how fast you type – you will see accurate statistics. Each of them has an explanation that shows up when you hover over the question mark icon. If you write the test with a limited number of words the end result is properly converted, because the degree of difficulty is lower than without this restriction.