Learn how to touch type punctuation marks

We are happy to announce that recently we have added punctuation marks to our typing tutor. This is the result of the users’ requests. Although you can type well without punctuation marks, they are of course the very important part of the language.

The algorithm for generating the texts with punctuation marks works the same way as it used to work with only letters available. (If you don’t know how TouchTyping.guru application work you can read or listen about that).

However, the situation here is a bit different because we have no words to just pick up, so we need to inject punctuation marks into the generated text. As for the letters we put most focus on the last added punctuation mark, it will appear in the next chunk of the text 2 or 3 times. Then there comes one optional punctuation mark that you previously made an error with. And we inject yet one or two items chosen from the punctuation marks that were already added before to your set of chars.

So the text generation algorithm remains not impacted by the new changes. You can of course still ignore punctuation marks and train only with letters, trying to learn punctuation marks out of the application.

For now punctuation marks are only available in the learn mode. However, we plan to add a switch soon to the practice/test mode where you will be able to say if you want them to be present in the text or not. The same thing we’ll possibly add to the competitions. Each of them may have a flag saying if punctuation marks will be inside or not, so you will always have a choice.

Clicking the following link you can learn how to touch type punctuation marks.