How to increase touch typing speed

Some time ago we wrote about how to type faster and now we have recorded the video when we show exactly how to improve your typing skills in the most convinient way. Of course everything with the use of our typing tutor. However, we suppose you already know how to touch type. Without that skill trying to type faster is pointless. It will even be a problem for you, because the faster you type in a wrong way, the harder it becomes to follow the typing lessions then. If you still need to look at the keyboard when typing, or you don’t know which fingers should be used to type the given letter, then be sure to first watch the video on how to start with our typing software.

You have probably already noticed that we don’t provide the traditional typing lessions. Instead of that you can practice as long as you want and the our typing tutor will remember your level, so that the next time you log in you will start where you last left.

Here you can test your typing speed and become the typing master in an inteligent way.