Learning touch typing with TouchTyping.guru

If you are just starting your adventure with the typing without looking, then you have to start with learn mode. At the beginning you can write one typing speed test to check your current speed which will increase quickly with the training. However, don’t write a lot of tests neither take part in the competitions using hunt and peck method, because this way you’ll only deepen your bad habits. Here, we describe the main features of the learning mode of TouchTyping.guru – free course to learn touch typing online, providing the unique algorithm that supports your progress.

First of all, the application has a database with more than 10,000 actual words in each available language. Thanks to that for any combination of letters the application is able to display words containing the desired letter. Due to natural limitations, it is difficult especially when just starting, and all the words consist of only four letters. These letters are the most common in the language, which unfortunately doesn’t mean that there are plenty of words that you can build out of them.

As your speed and accuracy grows the set of letters is automatically extended, adding letters one by one (you’ll see a green mark on the configuration button each time it happens). When the number of letters is at least seven, all generated words contain a letter that was recently added. These words, of course, also contain other letters from the set so you get better writing them too. Therefore, if the program automatically adds a new letter for you, don’t worry if you don’t always remember how to type it – you’ll keep exercising it further.

When the number of letters is big enough the algorithm takes care to display most frequently also those that you have worst performance with when typing (errors or delay). This option can be disabled in the configuration.

When the program adds the last letter for you and you master all of them we recommend to further improve typing speed by writing the tests or taking part in the competition.