Improve the typing speed

What to do when you already know how to type without looking at the keyboard and you have mastered all the letters, but your speed isn’t the best? You should definitely further improve your typing speed on

For that you can use our typing speedtest which by default generates words containing the letters that you already wrote erroneously or you had the significant delay before correctly typing them. Make sure to have this option checked in the configuration. The program calculates your typing statistics for each letter and then uses them to generate the text. Test mode to check typing speed is described closer here.

Another way to improve your speed is joining or creating the touch typing competitions. You can invite your friends to take part what will surely give you extra motivation to improve your typing skills, especially if you like the competition. Let’s write the generated text more than once and watch the improvement of the result every time.

Both in the test and in the competition you can limit the collection of the most popular words that the texts are generated of. If your speed is low, we recommend typing with the default limit of one thousand words. As you progress you should increase this limit and finally remove it entirely.